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Shhh, come closer. We’re sharing creative secrets, seeking mysterious plantlife and building our own handheld universe.

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21.06 — FRIDAY

20:00-21:00 art talk from DYSTOPIAN CREATIVES

Step into the world of Dystopian Creatives through this unique event. Follow the creative journey of one designer and discover the process involved in creating a CG short film. On top of watching the latest creation of Dystopian Creatives, we will screen a curated selection of animated short films. The Dystopian Creatives is a collective studio focused on creative direction, concept/digital art, photography & animation.

21:00-23:00 Build a Glow Garden, enjoy Swamp Lake Bar and an all vinyl DJ setup from SKÖDT


22.06 and 23.06 — SATURDAY & SUNDAY

12:00-17:00 FREE WORKSHOPS + Lemonaid & Charitea soft drinks

Make a crown from wild flowers

Play with Foam Marbling some paper or customize a Scrap Pad notebook cover

Build your own Kaleidoscope



supported by GENLYD

ZOLITUDE SWAMP is closing — come take a piece home with you.

28.06—30.06 last chance to visit

Pick a dry flower bouquet from the flower field walls.

Take a last walk through the Witches Wardrobe.

Pick a glass plant from The Plastic Swamp.

Visit the Souvenir Shop.



by Attitude Apoteket


JUNE 6 — JUNE 30


WED–SUN 12:00-17:00




Dive through the Swamp Mirror Lake and into an interactive dreamscape to find yourself walking on ice in a Plastic Swamp that feeds on dream cycles.

You, the Lucid Dreamer, can help the swamp grow. Turn the corner and wander into the Witches Wardrobe, suspended in mid-air and filled with embroidered talking t-shirts from KIRSE, amorous glass jewellery and berry crowns from Porcelanity. Fields of dry flowers line the walls, embedded with fine art windows to other dreams. Walk through this never-ending chain and glass corridor under Joanna Jensen’s Zolitude Storm Sky surrounded by a changing soundscape by Alex Newman.

Once you’re ready, find your way back to the surface of the Swamp Mirror Lake to awaken. Did you just experience a dream? Lucid dreaming starts with writing down what you’ve seen in your dream — find the Dream Scrap Pad Journal in our SOUVENIR SHOP.

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Exhibition Catalogue.


Witches Wardrobe:

Souvenir Shop:

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“ZOLITUDE SWAMP” is part of the European Region of Culture Festival that celebrates creativity and community under the theme and mindset Rediscover