featuring creative expressions from Maria Płażek, Mariana Gil Photography, VHS-Fabrikken, Mathieu Durand, KIRSE, Juanjo Keena, Alex Newman, Jan Nixon, and Rosanna Stevens.


“It’s not about the result. It’s about the process. In the process we can learn a lot more than we think about the product.” – Phuc Van Dang

Arriving with an empty canvas, an open heart, and his striking signature one-shot, black-on-white style, Phuc Van Dang brings his philosophy of becoming to the END OF THE LINE.

"THE TRANSFORMATIONS" is the culmination of a weekend spent creating a portrait of the Aarhus University Hospital area, and a 10 hour intensive workshop guided by Van Dang, where a collective of artists selected by AARHUSMAKERS will respond to each other’s interpretations of Van Dang’s work – like an expressive echo. Each new work fits into the others, and stands on its own.

After decades of artistic practice reflecting on the story of his life – as a designer, creative, teacher, and a refugee – Phuc Van Dang asks artists and audiences alike to get comfortable with the beautiful, raw, and strange feeling of transformation.

You are invited to witness the intimate process of reworking, as Van Dang’s renderings become something you can hear, see, feel, touch and read. Whatever happens, the result awaits you at "THE TRANSFORMATIONS".

‘I think if we take away all these lines and restrictions about what transformation is and say: you can transform whatever you want to do in your life, then you can make a decision, and believe in it.’ - Phuc Van Dang


Alex Newman & Janek Nixon

Collective Confabulation, 2019

Laptop, Loudspeakers, PIR Sensor, Arduino, Children's Television Samples, Audio loop (8:41) A distorted soundscape, abstracted from memory, layered below a sonified portrait of each workshop attendee and triggered source material samples.


camera work: Mariana Gil and Kate Antonas; editing: Mariana Gil


VHS Fabrikken (Mariana Gil & Kasper Lauritzen)

Blend of the line / video transformations, 2019

Analog video recording of the ‘Transformation boot camp' workshop and video stills - 1 hour and 16 minutes*

*above video is a cut-down version


Mathieu Durand

Passing, 2019

Computer generated graphics - 6 minutes and 45 seconds

Phuc Van Dang’s designs through one amnesic machine.

photography:  Mariana Gil

photography: Mariana Gil