1. The event will take place on Friday, November 16th from 17.00-22.00 and Saturday, November 17th from 11.00-16.00 at Heimat Studio at LYNfabrikken Vestergade 49, 8000 Aarhus C. Participants must attend their choice of date in full (Friday,November 16th 17:00-22:00 or Saturday, November 17th 11:00-16:00).

  2. Participants may deliver their stock to Heimat Studio on Friday from 10.00 and Aarhus Makers staff will assist you with the layout of your stall (you are welcome to stay or just drop off your items). You must arrive back at the venue on Friday at 16.00, and on Saturday at 10.00. On Saturday, you must be packed up by 16.30  leaving no rubbish behind.

  3. Participation fees: The participation fee for Aarhus Makers Partners costs 300kr (incl. VAT), and for non-Partners costs 600kr (incl. VAT). This fee is non-refundable in cases of no-shows or the participant cancelling. Note: If you are interested in joining Aarhus Makers and becoming a Partner, please click here.

    • Once your participant application has been approved, Aarhus Makers will invoice you for the participation fee. This amount must be paid to Aarhus Makers via bank transfer before the event, at a time advised by Aarhus Makers on the invoice.

  4. Aarhus Makers has the right to cancel the MADE event in the event of an emergency or an incident beyond our control. In the event of a cancellation, Aarhus Makers will contact all participants to inform them as soon as reasonably possible, and all participants will receive a full refund of their participation fees.

  5. Participants will be provided with 110cm x 67cm of space on a table (there will be 2 x stallholders to one table - the full table size is 220cm x 67cm) and one chair. Aarhus Makers will allocate the position of each stallholder to best accommodate each individual’s requirements, however, we reserve the right to change stall positions and layout if need be.

  6. To create a cohesive event space, each table will be covered with a tablecloth of Aarhus Makers’ choosing. Participants do not need to bring their own tablecloth.

  7. If the participant wishes, Aarhus Makers will assist you with the design and display of your stall including props and packaging materials. We encourage you to get creative with your display to best express your products and brand.

  8. As space is limited, sales racks and small display furniture will only be permitted to participants if agreed upon with Aarhus Makers. Please indicate that you require space for these objects in this form and we will be in touch to confirm the possibility.

  9. There will be wall space to tape prints and lightweight artworks to the walls (no nails are permitted in the walls).

  10. Only items designed or handmade by stallholders based in Aarhus Kommune are eligible for sale at this event. This includes original artworks and photography or prints.

  11. No food or drinks are permitted to be sold. LYNfabrikken will serve food and drinks throughout the event.

  12. Participants are responsible for providing their own method for taking payment, and for adhering to laws around recording sales and issuing receipts as advised by SKAT. The Heimat studio has free Wi-Fi.

  13. Aarhus Makers will work with LYNfabrikken to develop marketing materials for the event, including on social media.

  14. There is paid street parking around the venue.

  15. Aarhus Makers and LYNfabrikken (and it's partner and/or affiliate organisations) take no responsibility for any theft, loss or damage to products sold at the event.