Thank you for your interest in participating in Aarhus Makers’ MADE Market event at LYNfabrikken on Friday, November 16th from 17.00-22.00 and Saturday, November 17th from 11.00-16.00.

This is an opportunity for local artists, designers and craftspeople to showcase their products, creativity and skills in a creative marketplace through the Aarhus Makers collective.

The event will feature live music and art from local musicians and collectives, interactive and collaborative installations, workshops and activities. Food and drink will also be available throughout the event - creating a festive atmosphere to kick off the Christmas season.

Across two days, we will take over LYNfabrikken to present an exciting and electric creative feast for the senses! We hope you’ll join us as a participant!

Participation fees:

  • Aarhus Makers Partners price 300 kr. (incl. VAT)

  • Non-Partners price 600 kr. (incl. VAT).

This fee is non-refundable in cases of no-shows or the participant cancelling. If you are interested in joining Aarhus Makers and becoming a Partner, please click here.

To secure your place at the event, please fill out the form below and ensure that you read the Terms and Conditions carefully. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a link to purchase your stall.

Please complete this form by Thursday, October 25th.

Name *
If you don't have one, write N/A.
A brief overview of what you will be selling at the event, please be as detailed as possible.
All stallholders are provided with 110cm x 67cm of space on a table each and one chair. There is limited space for racks or easels - please tick the boxes if you would like to bring any of the following along and we will be in touch to confirm the availability of space. (Tick as many boxes as necessary):