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‘Inherent Agitations’ - interview with the artist Aoife Soden

Aoife Soden’s latest exhibition at END OF THE LINE, entitled ‘Inherent Agitations’ interprets the human condition through sculpted, blown and cast glasswork, this exquisite collection of intricate works chronicles Aoife’s exploration of the link between mind and body - with a focus on the dysfunction of internal organs as the result of stress and anxiety. We discuss her influences, background and latest work in this interview.

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Interview with Torben Buus on his new exhibition ‘WORKS’

Torben Buus’ new exhibition, WORKS, gives visitors a chance to see the large variety and progression of his works over the last few years. “There will be posters, paintings, metal spray-painting, large-scale canvas works. Basically, all my experiments with different styles and a wide range of my work. Hopefully they can see it comes from the same person!” 

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Transformations are all we have - A conversation with Phuc Van Dang

The whole energy is not just one organ, it’s an organism: culture is a growing organism - it’s movement. And when there is movement, there is transformation.”

“This is what I love about this project: it’s not about the result. It’s about the process. In the process we can learn a lot more than we think about the product.”

Like a prison being more than a prison, we are about to discover that the Skejby region: a Letbanen station, nearby universities, the largest hospital in Northern Europe, and a gallery nestled between these landmarks – can transform into so much more than one person’s story.

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Untitled Unknown - Interview with the artists

“These are untitled works, and we are unknown artists.” We meet some of the artists from the HF Kunst og Design Skole who are behind the new 5-day exhibition ‘Untitled Unknown.’

Working across a range of different mediums and drawing from wide-ranging inspiration, the exhibition showcases a collection of paintings and drawings created in the artists' free time, that have, until now, been mostly unseen outside their homes and workspaces.

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