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UNCIVILIZED 0.1 — faux tattoo parlour

.. Faux Tattoo Parlour is about trying your luck with the wheel, so step up and see what design you are destined for.

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Aarhus — 1300 years ‘In the Making’

“Aarhus has long had an established reputation as a creative hub -hosting brands like Bestseller, Søstrene Grene and world-famous architecture firms such as C.F.Møller. A stroll around the harbour will give you a clue to the city’s earlier industrial past in the 18th and 19th century. “

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The Heart of Aarhus’ Economy Beats in The suburbs

David Holt Olsen wonders why the story of the working-man is no longer a part of the city’s self-image and he goes on to explain how today, the old factories and industrial complexes in the city center, have closed down and been converted into creative and cultural institutions – such as Godsbanen and the old Ceres Brewery. However, this does not mean that the industry is no longer active; on the contrary, Aarhus has an extremely active industry – it has simply moved to the suburbs. It is not gone, just out of sight, and so, we don’t regard it as part of the narrative of Aarhus 2017.  

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