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Massage Oil Candle Workshop - Redolent Revival

On March 1st, Frontløberne is opening its doors again for the next Redolent Revival workshop.

This time, participants will be given the opportunity to select their own massage scent to use in their scented candles - with each of the bespoke fragrances has been specially blended by Tara for this series of workshops.

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Aarhus — 1300 years ‘In the Making’

“Aarhus has long had an established reputation as a creative hub -hosting brands like Bestseller, Søstrene Grene and world-famous architecture firms such as C.F.Møller. A stroll around the harbour will give you a clue to the city’s earlier industrial past in the 18th and 19th century. “

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The Heart of Aarhus’ Economy Beats in The suburbs

David Holt Olsen wonders why the story of the working-man is no longer a part of the city’s self-image and he goes on to explain how today, the old factories and industrial complexes in the city center, have closed down and been converted into creative and cultural institutions – such as Godsbanen and the old Ceres Brewery. However, this does not mean that the industry is no longer active; on the contrary, Aarhus has an extremely active industry – it has simply moved to the suburbs. It is not gone, just out of sight, and so, we don’t regard it as part of the narrative of Aarhus 2017.  

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