´So near yet so far´ — opening night

16 AUGUST 2019


Last Friday, we gathered at END OF THE LINE for the opening of 'So near yet so far', a photography exhibition by Mariana Gil.

One camera, multiple scenes, no destination.

Divided into two sections – cityscapes and landscapes – ‘So near yet so far’ explores the emotional geographies ingrained in the urban structure and in multiple landscapes: a visual diary, topographies of everyday life. Mariana created the images à la dérive as a result of walking in the streets of Aarhus and revisiting her home country of Brazil.

‘So near yet so far’ relates to how we feel about and how we connect to our environment and personal landscapes. It is about stretching boundaries and re-inventing trajectories while becoming present (in) and aware of all that surrounds us. It is a visual inquiry concerning the complex emotional geographies that constitute our memories, identities and everyday life.


In the photographs below, we see the opening night featuring A:M:O:K SOUNDSYSTEM#, a performance of ‘Pentathlon’ by Adreja Andric performed by Ild i dit ansigt, and a live video session with Nikolaj Loufbye & VHS-fabrikken.


Exhibition runs until August 31

Open Wednesday-Friday 15:00-19:00


Saturdays 12:00-17:00.