UNCIVILIZED 0.1 — faux tattoo parlour


As part of UNCIVILIZED 0.1, you’re invited to HERMAN’s Faux Tattoo Parlour - the place to get the (fake and free) tattoo of your darkest dreams.

No regrets, no pain - but all UNCIVILIZED.

My Faux Tattoo Parlour is about trying your luck with the wheel, so step up and see what design you are destined for.

I’m a former tattoo artist, so all the designs are created myself and inspired by images, text or motifs from within UNCIVILIZED 0.1.


Spin HERMAN’s circus wheel to see which faux tattoo is destined for your skin - each design is numbered 1-24 with a treat for those who hit number 25.
HERMAN will transfer the design onto you (with water - no needles!) and, if you like, AARHUSMAKERS will take your photo for a lasting memory once your design has worn off.

The event takes place at END OF THE LINE > https://goo.gl/maps/BF5HXzY4EGE2

Ride the 2A, 6A or Letbanen to Aarhus Universitethospital (Indgang G) and look for the Ovartaci black box between the stops - or just type 'AARHUSMAKERS' into Google Maps.


In case you missed it, last Saturday UNCIVILIZED 0.1 universe hosted the incredible Open Heart Surgery event with KIRSE. Here we saw HERMAN’s fantastical circus convert the END OF THE LINE into an operating theater for the day.

Wielding just a needle, thread and glass beads - KIRSE successfully transplanted her beautiful heart into HERMAN’s heart-less doll.

Stay tuned for our forthcoming story on the Open Heart Surgery event. 💔💉


photography: HERMAN and Kate Antonas

graphic design: Attitude Apoteket