7 Art Projects We found on the Internet

1.Dynamic Underwater Photos Look Like Dramatic Baroque Paintings


Some of the members of AARHUSMAKERS truly love photography and in our scouting efforts we always keep an eye for radical photography.

Visual artist Christy Lee Rogers proves that underwater photography can be just as powerful as baroque art in her dynamic series, Muses.. Source: My Modern Met


2. Librarian Honors a Dying Tree by Turning It Into a Little Free Library

Who doesn’t like books? And really, who doesn’t like libraries?

When the ailing cottonwood at Sharalee Armitage Howard’s Coeur d’Alene front yard began dropping branches on cars parked below, Howard faced the inevitable. But rather than completely cut the tree down to ground level, she arranged with the removal crew to leave a considerable amount of stump intact and filled it with books for her neighbours and strangers to discover.


You can find out more about the project in this video.


3. "David Bowie Is ..." Exhibition now in your phone.

The app is based on the 2013 Victoria & Albert museum exhibition David Bowie Is, which toured the world for five years before it got finally settled at the Brooklyn Museum in 2018. The digital version intends, however, “recreate the experience of going to the exhibition,” but “to better it.” Via: The Guardian


4. RADIOOOOO.COM - A crowdsourced radio playlist.

The concept is simple. You pick a country on a world map, select a decade in the twentieth or twenty-first century and enjoy a curated playlist of crowd-sourced songs from that time and place.✌️. Cool concept right? Visit here.

5. Browse Germany’s ‘Parthenon’ of Banned Books

In Kassel, Germany, at the very site where Nazis once burned over 2,000 books by Jewish and Marxist writers, one artist has built a colossal tribute to free speech. The “Parthenon of Books” is a giant temporary replica of the famous Greek temple in Athens. The installation is covered by more than 100,000 books that have been banned at various stages throughout history. Created by Argentine artist Marta Minujín, the exhibit is meant to spark debate over censorship in literature. Once the exhibition is over, these books will be handed out to allow the banned to enter literary circulation once more.


6. What happens when you mix Poetry and Music?

In recent years the poetry scene in Ireland has exploded. Being that due recent events as the homeless crisis or led by the fact that Ireland is home to a long tradition of story telling and poetry, this renaissance is now a vibrant cultural movement that is taken the Irish by a storm.

This is 'Hometown', the debut single from Shakalak. Music video shot and directed by Jamie Goldrick of PushPull Collective https://twitter.com/jamjgo Recorded and mixed by Sanjin Peric Mastered by Fergal Davis

For those of you unfamiliar with the Irish accent, here go the lyrics:

Doin what your Ma says
But not really
Takin her at her face
But not really
A packet of crisps
Large bottle of coke
To mollify
Just for a little while
A hard wooden seat and an old wicker basket
Twenty p put into your hand
Without askin 
But not really
You’re not guilty
Not really
The city breeds me

I wake up in Baile Atha Cliath
And it shatters my soul sometimes when I see you
Like is it for real or is it an idea
Can I screw it together like a yoke from Ikea?
Said I wake up in Baile Atha Cliath
Anda briste is the chroi sometimes when I see you
Like a bird in a cage and I just want to free you
Or a word on a page and I want a melodia
I walk through the Dubh Linn Baile
The town full of drugs and the alcohol ye
The boardwalk junkies, the banklink beggars 
Ah the muppet monkeys, the insulin feckers
Yeah I walk through the Cliath Baile Atha
But never in the places I know I’m not ought to
The same shits done by the Garda Siochana
Or the elected dopes over there in the Dail ye

Takin your cues from the heritage set
Coloured by the way your Da was brought up
But not really
You’re not guilty
Not really
The city breeds me

I walk through the capital of Ireland
The dole queue with the workers up for hire
How many heads are down with nothing to inspire them
I’ve seen their eyes
Aw the anger and the fire in them
I lived in the suburb of the D5
It’s an odd number so I guess I’m from the northside
Coolock, Darndale, Belcamp, Meauview
These were the spots where once I did flow through
I’ve seen it with my own two suile
How folk chase the cash cause the lack of it rules you
I’ve heard it with my own two cluais
In a joe, on the dart, on the bus, on the luas
All the vicious pathetic chinwaggery
And smilin the face with the dose of backstabbery
People begrudgin other people
The robotic greaseballs of being on the diesel

Your way laid out with a thousand clackin keyboards
Half remember green seats on the bus
Multi colour shades of the Ilac
Stolen downward  glances
Double seats at the pictures

The hometown can hammer the ceann down
But we can rise up above the ground and the pound down
The hometown …
Up above up above up above …

And then a few pints
And then twenty blue
And I’m fuckin broke
Then so are you
And what is the story?
What are you doin?
Ah sure you know
That’s how it goes for me
— John Cummins

Have we forgotten how to make friends?

In this fantastic campaign to end loneliness, a group of young kids approach lone strangers at a coffee place. In just a few minutes these brilliant kids got adults to question why that happens.

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