7 Art Documentaries we love



Cool School

“The Cool School is a 2008 American documentary film about the rise of the Los Angeles contemporary art scene. It was directed by Morgan Nevilleand narrated by Jeff Bridges. The documentary premièred at the Cleveland International Film Festival.”

Source: Wikipedia



Francis Bacon: A Brush with Violence

The story of Francis Bacon, an Irish artist from the 20th century, is full of controversy, alcohol, mystery and of course amazing visual art. In this excellent documentary by the BBC, we learned about his phobias, fears and the process that made him one of the most prolific and unusual artists of the past century.



The Artist with Multiple Personalities

Kim Noble is an artist with a difference – twenty of them, in fact. After suffering childhood abuse, Kim's mind split into twenty distinct personalities to cope with the trauma. Over a dozen personalities are painters, including Judy the bulimic teenager, a gay man named Ken, and a mother called Patricia.



The case for Conceptual Art

Sometimes art is paintings, and sometimes it's a chair. Why? Let's learn about "Conceptual Art," where the idea is more important than the form.



Marina Abramovic - The Artist Is Present

Since the early 1970s, Marina Abramović has been pushing past perceived limits of the body and mind, and exploring the complex relationship between artist and audience, through performances that challenge both herself and, in many instances, participants emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

The concepts inspiring her works are key, as is the use of her own body to convey her ideas. She has been making art since childhood, and realized early on that it did not have to be produced in a studio, or even take a concrete form.

“I understood that…I could make art with everything…and the most important [thing] is the concept,” she relates. “And this was the beginning of my performance art. And the first time I put my body in front of [an] audience, I understood: this is my media.”



How to Use Art to Help Others and Effect Social Change:

Spike Lee on Social Activism


Protest art is a broad term that refers to creative works that concern or are produced by activists and social movements. There are also contemporary and historical works and currents of thought that can be characterized in this way. In this documentary Spike Lee explores how art merges with social activism.



The Delightfully Disturbing Conceptual Art of Michael Joo

Michael Joo is an artist who freely explores genres of sculpture, performance, video art and installation. His experiences dictate how he approaches diverse topics, with keywords spanning from identity, nature, humanity and even politics. His art radiates from a singular identity to a universal identity, and at times reaches out to something else altogether, making him one of the most enigmatic artists in contemporary art today.


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