Pierogi Party!

A throwback to Aarhus Makers' recent //PIEROGI//CRAFT//COCKTAILS// collaboration with Food Think Tank, Ola Mirecka and smaek that was equal parts tasty and crafty.

We gathered at smaek HQ at Institut for (X) for a pierogi-making workshop with visiting Polish experimental creative collective, Food Think Tank, as part of their ongoing project ‘Migrant - Food Language’. The project celebrates the richness of global culinary traditions and draws attention to an important cultural exchange channel - the language of eating. Participants shared a recipe that had personal significance to them in exchange for trying their hand at making (and eating!) traditional Polish pierogi. Over the course of the event, Food Think Tank amassed an impressive assortment of old family recipes that were handwritten, printed or torn from old newspapers and magazines which will join the project's global collection in an upcoming exhibition. 

Alongside the dumpling-making, we enjoyed creamy plant-based cocktails from smaek served from artist Ola Mirecka's sculptural lemonade stand, and shopped for local art, craft and fashion in a curated Aarhus Makers micro-market. Feast your eyes on some photos from Juanjo Photography and a film clip from JBKshoots and Adamsfilms below.

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