Not your typical Christmas market


We’re so excited about our upcoming event ‘MADE Festive Edition’. As you probably know by now, we love supporting the creative community in Aarhus, but this time it’s a bit different:

First of all, we’re teaming up with LYNFabrikken. On the 16th and 17th of November we’re transforming their space into a festive extravaganza of music, art, workshops, and food and drinks. Here’s a few reasons why you should join the ‘MADE Festive Edition’: feat. Life Of A Busker(DK), BRR (ISL), and MV Móður (ISL)

A carefully curated selection of Nordic acoustic live bands. Although we love the local art scene, Icelandic music is generally pretty amazing, and BRR and MV Móður is no exception.


This association for Electronic Underground Music is based in Aarhus. FEUM is a non-profit organisation – supporting, creating and promoting electronic underground music. Plays on Friday the 16th.

Christmas Wreath Workshop

Ok, we said it’s not a traditional Christmas market but we still wanted to make things festive and creative. That’s why we teamed up with  Lene from Flower House for a Christmas wreath workshop. Please, book in advance to get a spot. You can find more inspiration here.

Art Battle

Ever wanted to see artists battling it out live? It’s epic! Not only do you get to see artists at work, you also get to cheer from the sideline as their new pieces evolves right in front of you.



Of course, there wouldn’t be an event without hygge. There will gløgg and Christmas snacks to get you into the cosy holiday spirit.

See the full program here.

D. 16. 0g 17. november forvandler Aarhus Makers LYNfabrikken til to dage med events, live musik, kunst, kreative workshops og meget mere. Det hele kan nydes, mens du drikker gløgg og finder inspiration hos de lokale kunstnere. Vi starter kl 17. Glæder os til at se dig.

Se det fulde program her.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash / cover animation by Attitude Apoteket

Marianne Højgaard