Yay! We’ve been nominated!


We are really proud that the Aarhus Makers team artists are a diverse bunch of people. It’s an eclectic mix of nationalities and personalities, who all have Aarhus as their home base. It’s important to us that Aarhus Makers has local roots, but we love that each of us brings our own international flavour and background to the company. That what makes it so fun and exciting to be a part of it. So, when Aarhus GO GLOCAL told us that we were nominated for a People’s Choice award, we were both thrilled and honoured.

GO GLOCAL is an Aarhus initiative, which acknowledges actors that make a difference in integrating international employees. The organisation supports the overall goal to make Aarhus an attractive career destination. At Aarhus Makers, we couldn’t agree more with those goals and we hope that this is just the start of making the creative scene in Aarhus more glocal.

If you want to support us, you can vote for us here.

Also, check out more about GO GLOCAL Aaward here.

Marianne HøjgaardComment