Untitled Unknown - Interview with the artists

“These are untitled works, and we are unknown artists.” We meet some of the artists from the HF Kunst og Design Skole who are behind the new 5-day exhibition ‘Untitled Unknown.’

Working across a range of different mediums and drawing from wide-ranging inspiration, the exhibition showcases a collection of paintings and drawings created in the artists' free time, that have, until now, been mostly unseen outside their homes and workspaces.

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Massage Oil Candle Workshop - Redolent Revival

On March 1st, Frontløberne is opening its doors again for the next Redolent Revival workshop.

This time, participants will be given the opportunity to select their own massage scent to use in their scented candles - with each of the bespoke fragrances has been specially blended by Tara for this series of workshops.

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UNCIVILIZED 0.1 - Interview with HERMAN

“it’s hard to be a human these days. We’re too busy pointing fingers, acting normal, being civilized. I think we all need more time to be uncivilized.

Everything in the exhibition is a little bit uncivilized. I want the viewer to step out of the box, out of their own comfort zone, instead of thinking about what other people are doing wrong.”

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Ben CulpinComment
UNCIVILIZED 0.1 — faux tattoo parlour

.. Faux Tattoo Parlour is about trying your luck with the wheel, so step up and see what design you are destined for.

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