Our Mission is to help independent artists, designers and makers to be exposed to the local and global market
— Aarhus Makers Mission

Welcome to Aarhus Makers!

If you are here it is because you are now part of the Aarhus Makers family - welcome, and thank you for joining our community!

As part of our mission we want to empower our Makers to be more successful and recognized for their amazing work. To do this, we’d love to tell your story through communication, blogging and storytelling. , To capture your story, in your own words, we have prepared a short interview -style questionnaire for you to fill in.

There are just a few questions, so please feel free to provide as much detail as possible and use regular conversational voice to highlight who you are, what is your passion and why Aarhus Makers makes sense to you!

Once we have your answers you will be featured on our blog and have a dedicated profile at Aarhus Makers.

Interview on your own words

Please feel free to answer the questions in Danish if you prefer!

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Note, we will change the word "product" to your field of expertise in the interview when applicable.
We cannot receive direct files at the minute, so please send us a link where we can find your best profile picture! If you haven't got any profile picture, just let us know, we have photographers in the community :)