Our Vision

To become the largest experimental cultural lab in Denmark.

Our Mission

To experiment, curate and develop outstanding cultural projects, empowering the members of AARHUSMAKERS to create a sustainable, inclusive and creative community in Aarhus.

Our ethos

Our values

  • Openness. We believe in open networks and communities, open collaboration, open source, open data and open culture.

  • Trust. We organize and build our relationships by creating and promoting trustworthy interactions, exchanges and frameworks.

  • Experimentation and Innovation .We are not afraid to fail, our curiosity and our passion are our bread and butter.

Our Focus

We were inspired by the UNESCO Report Culture: urban future; global report on culture for sustainable urban development, and we chose three key areas to focus on as an organization:

  • “People and their well-being should be at the centre of local development initiatives to achieve sustainable cities and fulfil human aspiration.”

  • “Improving the liveability of cities depends on linking culture with transformations in the city’s physical and social infrastructure.”

  • “Increasing awareness of place, identity and a sense of belonging can be supported through cultural heritage and activities that promote the cultural diversity of the city’s inhabitants.” Source.

Alignment #Envision2030 Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities:

Support positive economic, social and environmental links between urban, peri-urban and rural areas by strengthening national and regional development planning

Our Why

AARHUSMAKERS connects the worlds of creativity and culture to the community of Aarhus by collaborating with citizens, civic and cultural organisations, labs and other public and private institutions in the region.

Our How

To enrich and encourage cultural development and collaborations, AM looks for visiting and local creatives and seeks to develop residencies, research, cultural projects and events open to the public.

Our what

In order to encourage the experimental phase of creativity, AM works towards securing funding and research grants to continue developing its objectives. To share this creative work and knowledge with the general public AM produces events, conferences, exhibitions and publications in multiple media platforms.