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Inherent Agitations — Aoife May Soden
to 30 May

Inherent Agitations — Aoife May Soden

  • END OF THE LINE Aarhus N, 8200 (map)
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END OF THE LINE — 12 months. 1 room. Art is the destination.

Destination: Inherent Agitations by Aoife Soden

Opening night — Wednesday, May 15 from 15:00-20:00

Exhibition runs — Wednesdays-Sundays, 11:00-17:00 from May 16th-30th

Free entry


Join us at END OF THE LINE for the opening of ‘Inherent Agitations’ a solo exhibition by glass artist Aoife Soden Glass.

Interpreting human conditions through sculpted, blown and cast glasswork, this exquisite collection of intricate works chronicles Aoife’s exploration of the link between mind and body - with a focus on the dysfunction of internal organs as the result of stress and anxiety.

Creating a series of ornate glass body organs, Aoife highlights the issues surrounding mental health, stress and anxiety and the difficulty we have in identifying and describing these symptoms in today’s fast-paced modern society. The organs are juxtaposed with colourful nautical elements such as anchors and buoys that reference everyday phrases and jargon used to describe the symptoms.

Inspiration for her sculptures is drawn from medical references, physical objects and common language, and Aoife has created these works using a number of glass practices including blowing, sand-casting, lampworking, pate de vare, and various cold glass techniques.

END OF THE LINE is presented by: AarhusMakers

Principal partner: 4IMPROVE Consulting Group

Supported by: Incuba, Museum Ovartaci, Cklar Service, Attitude Apoteket (

END OF THE LINE is an ever-changing cultural space that aims to present the city’s emerging art scene through a multi-disciplinary program of exhibitions, performances, events and creative experiments.

Ride the 2A, 6A or Letbanen to Aarhus Universitethospital (Indgang G) and look for the OVARTACI black box between the stops or just type 'END OF THE LINE' in Google Maps >

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Mythological Considerations
to 29 Mar

Mythological Considerations

  • END OF THE LINE Aarhus N, 8200 Denmark (map)
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The essence of mythology lies in sharing stories. Stories derived by human beings through carefully sensing our surroundings and being confronted by the forces of nature. Sensations so strong that you get overwhelmed by a need to recreate it, and thereby processing the experience. A key subject in myths is existence and the struggles we pull through in order to survive. Like the caveman, who, through an epiphany of his own existence paints the outline of his hand directly on the cave wall, and beside it paints the ox that will nourish him in the days to come.

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