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Smelter — Pernille Kofoed

END OF THE LINE — AARHUSMAKERS — Art installation Smelter by Pernille Kofoed

Melting balls of ice, suspended in the air. As each drop hits the floor the sound is captured with a microphone and will, together with sensors in the space, create an interactive soundscape.

Working with time, Pernille Kofoed’s installation will exist for one day only, slowly melting away in the Mirror Room at END OF THE LINE while also creating references to bigger global perspectives. The piece is an interactive sound installation, working with the whole space it is placed in.

Smelter’s central element will be 7 melting balls of ice. The audience will be able to walk in between the balls, to get up close and experience the space and the installation together.

Every time a drop lands on the floor, a sensor will capture the sound and play a modulated version of it. The sounds of the drops will be combined with the visitors moving around in the space, a movement that will be captured by sensors, played and transformed into a sound, making them part of the piece.

Smelter recently featured as part of Aarhus Artspace 2019 at Rum46 and will show at END OF THE LINE alongside Mariana Gil Photography's ‘So near yet so far’ exhibition.

Artist Statement: Pernille Kofoed
I work with creating artificial abstract representations of nature and what we do to it. I hope to create pieces that are both aesthetical, poetical and at the same time related to society. I have previously exhibited at Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling 2019, Aalborg Surreal 2019 and Floating Arts Artzone i Vejle 2018, created a project as part of Aarhus 2017, worked within Institut for (X) and much more. Visit:

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