Philip Morley on why Aarhus Makers is a good idea



We asked Philip Morley, TEDx Aarhus Host and Speaker, to be part of our Advisory Board when we started this project. His experience in advertising and defining key messages for companies was an incredibly valuable asset for us, not to mention his witty sense of humour!

A couple of days ago we asked Philip to define for us why he thinks Aarhus Makers is a good idea, here is what he had to say:

"Aarhus Makers addresses a real, untapped need and it is totally benign. Nobody gets hurt. It’s not based on greed. And it removes a huge headache for the makers themselves. Now they can just get on with what they love doing.

Meanwhile, in the background, this ‘machine’ helps connect them with an audience they would ordinarily never meet. The co-operative platform provides an additional feel-good factor. What’s not to like?"

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