Cille Mortensen - My work is my hobby with a built-in job


Cille Mortensen

Graphic artist & Illustrator

My name is Cille Mortensen; a North Jutland graphic artist, Illustrator + idea-magician, based in central Aarhus. 

I studied graphic design at the Aarhus Media and Design School, and I am a media graphics engineer at IDdesign.

I have worked with graphic design, layout, advertising, illustration and marketing since 2009.

Since 2014 I have worked as a freelancer, as an independent graphic designer, Illustrator and idea-magician.

My customers are both small and large well-established companies, but also newly started and entrepreneurs, who need a little bit of illustration, a logo, "a kind of jewelry display in wood" for a trade fair or self-esteem in the form of a delicious visual identity, which sends them well into the world.

All tasks are taken onboard with enthusiasm and a sneaky pencil.


I do not understand the phrase "No, you cannot." I love challenging myself and my creativity, I'm not afraid to take chances and explore big ideas, then scale them down to a manageable size.

When I work, I like to take the closest detours and change and correct if the assignment requires special attention to a detail or expression.

Thank you for the time you've taken to read my story!

Visit Cille's website here.