Urban Code - Aarhus Souvenirs with a Nordic Twist


Urban Code

Aarhus Souvenirs with a twist

Where are you from?       

We are two partners (and friends). Jandira is from Guatemala and I am from Poland.

What is your background?  

Jandira has business education and experience in working in marketing and promotion. In Denmark she works for a relocaton company. Joanna has an academic background and experience in teaching at university.

When did you start Urban Code? 

We established Urban Code IVS in September 2015, but started the project half a year earlier (with assistance from StartVækst Aarhus, going to meetings with lawyers, tax people etc, AND meeting artists and graphic designers).

Why did you founded Urban Code?  

We founded Urban Code because we were disappointed with Aarhus souvenirs and gifts in the city (their quality and selection). We saw potential and didn’t understand why the choice of such products was so limited. Also we didn’t have a full time job, so we decided to create jobs for ourselves.

What is your favorite product? 

All our t-shirts and Smilets By Mug. We also love computer cloths.

What is the biggest challenge that you have faced with Urban Code? 

Lack of support or interest from institutions promoting the city and tourism in it.  Also, the lack of opportunities to rent a stall and sell our products in the Welcoming Area for the cruise ships. The last challenge is the high prices of the shop rents or stalls rents at various Aarhus markets

Why did you decide to work with Aarhus Makers?  

It is always important for us to have alternative places and ways to promote and sell our products. We have a webshop, since March 2017 we are a part of a collective shop in the Latin Quarter.

Being a part of the collective, we can afford paying our share the rent. We would never afford it being on our own.

Therefore, we strongly believe in the collective effort so to empower us to do more things.

What piece of advice would you give to anybody that wants to become an Craft/Art Entrepreneur? 

If you have a talent to make or create crafts and arts, just do it!

In Denmark you can get professional and free assistance from companies/consulting firms supporting start-ups. Good luck!