END OF THE LINE — 6 months. 1 room. Art is the destination


Nine Aarhus artists open a new gallery in Business Park Skejby

Art and cultural events are probably not what you would associate with Business Park Skejby, but this is about to change when AARHUSMAKERS open "END OF THE LINE" - an ambitious artistic program at Ovartaci Fields Satellite Museum.

The Gallery is situated exactly there - at the end of the line by Aarhus University Hospital, the last stop on the current Letbane route. END OF THE LINE will provide the people of Aarhus with access to, and insight into, the city's up-and-coming art scene, through unique exhibitions and cultural events, as well as create a stronger bond between local artists and local businesses.

In the midst of 150 companies with more than 20.000 employees, END OF THE LINE is open to anyone interested in getting a peek into the Aarhus art scene of tomorrow.

AARHUSMAKERS is behind the project and END OF THE LINE opens its doors for the first time January 10th 2019 at 15:00. It is an open invitation for an opening party marking the launch of the project with the first exhibition PROLOG, which exhibits the work of nine talented, emerging Aarhus artists: Torben Buus, Mariana Gil, Thomas Herman, Joanna Jensen, Nicoline Lodahl Karlsen, KIRSE, Leanne Marie Kolpin, Sophie Munch and Aoife Soden.

PROLOG marks the official launch of END OF THE LINE - a multi-disciplinary art and culture project on the fringes of the city. For six months starting January 2019, AARHUSMAKERS will transform Ovartaci Fields into a series of art destinations in one morphing room.

Brewery Mikkeller is providing beer for the first 300 visitors.

Co-founder of AARHUSMAKERS Juanjo Keena states about the project: "We work with the local, creatives of tomorrow - artists with lots of talent, who just need to be seen in order to establish themselves. The world of business has always played a central role in the world of art, and so this is a great opportunity to create more collaboration between local companies and artists."

The connection between art and business is also what has made END OF THE LINE possible. The collaboration has its roots in the Capital of Culture year, where Museum Ovartaci, in collaboration with lncuba, built a pop-up museum, that housed the exhibition "Ovartaci Fields". This is the building AARHUSMAKERS now re-open, and this time around the project is also being supported by a local business 4IMPROVE Consulting Group.



  • Date/Time: Torsdag d. 10. januar 2019, 15:00-19:00

  • Address: Ovartaci Fields, Pal le Juul-Jensens Blvd, Business Park Skejby

Free entry

Mikkeller Aarhus serves refreshments for the first 300 guests.

PROLOG runs until January 31st and is open to the public

Wednesday-Saturday 11 :00-17:00 and by appointment.


Principal Partners: 4IMPROVE Consulting Group samt INCUBA, Museum Ovartaci, Mikkeller Aarhus, Cklar-Service og Attitude Apoteket.