Karolina Pleczyńska a passionate Interior Designer and Painter


Karolina Pleczyńska

Visual Artist and Interior designer

Where are you from?

Poznan, a beautiful city in Poland.

What is your background?

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from Poznan University of Technology . I have completed 2 semesters of this degree  at Politecnico di Milano.

When did you start career as Interior Designer/Painter?

I have always been in love with interior design and have always been doing little side projects  for my  friends and family, but my professional career has started in March 2016 with internships in two great interior design studios in Poznan. Afterwards I chose one of them and worked in there for another year.

My first professional experience as a painter was  when I participated in an exhibition here in Aarhus that took place in August 2017. I have attended various art courses since I was 4 years old, but that was the first time I have painted something not for a grade.

What was the project that you enjoyed the most?

Oh that's the most difficult question here :) I have a couple of favorite ones, each due to its own reason but I guess the one that is the most unique is the kids room "Boys 3&5 yrs". I designed it while I was already in Denmark and it was the first time I had a chance to realize the project myself and see what happens after handing out the technical drawings to the construction crew.  Together with my boyfriend we constructed and assembled all the furniture, painted the walls, built the hangers and cut a lot of new shelves using pieces of old closets, spending hours in Godsbanen wood workshop. Not having anyone  to supervise our work was quite a scary experience!

What do you think is the biggest challenge for a painter/artist in the 21st Century?

I think it's the constant obsession of challenging ourselves that went slightly too far in our society. Thinking that what is difficult is automatically better. I have found myself a number of times feeling bad or guilty for doing something I know and I am already good at (thanks to years of mastering it)  instead of reaching for something new, unknown, magically "challenging". The more it doesn't fit my natural predisposition, the better.  For most of my life I haven't even considered using my manual skills as my potential career because it always seemed too easy and not enough. I spent 3.5 years studying Architecture rather than Interior Design just because The Academy of Art didn't seem as challenging as The Technical University.

Something coming easily to us today doesn't mean anymore that we have found a way to use our natural potential and that we have reached a certain level of ability in that particular topic that allows us to actually enjoy what we are doing.  Today it usually means that we are in the cursed "comfort zone", which we should escape from as fast as we can, best into a fresh new topic that might not suit us at all, and it's only advantage might be that it's new.

I think it's already difficult enough to find our true self under the mountains of information that we are flooded by every day, we really do not need  that illusion in the way. The simple, easy thing that is growing in us since forever, that might seem boring and "nothing special" for us, can be something out of this world for someone else. And if it comes easy to you and you like it, it might just mean that you are made for it.

Why did you decide to join Aarhus Makers?

To be honest you were the first ones mentioning "interior design" since I am in Denmark. This profession does not really seem to officially exist here, so once I saw it on your presentation I already knew I will do anything to join! And of course it is also a great opportunity not only to promote my art but also to make some very useful and very enjoyable contacts :)

What piece of advice would you give to anybody that wants to become a painter?

Just do not let the pressure of becoming an Artist with capital "A" get to you. Instead of looking around trying to understand what people expect from you as a painter, look inside of yourself and just transfer whatever you find there.  When it comes to art, I believe that honesty is the key to success!

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