Anca Craciun - Artisan and crochet designer


Anca Craciun

Artisan and Crochet Designer

Where are you from?

I am from Romania.

What is your background?

I have an educational background in Finance & Accounting, with a BA in Finance and Banking and two MScs, one in Financial Analysis and one in Management Accounting and Control. My professional background is in Accounting, with over 3 years’ experience as a Junior Accountant and Accounting Assistant. Since I came to Denmark, I worked as a part time cleaning assistant while I was studying and I also did some volunteering – in Lærdansk IT Café and a creative shop in Hasle.

When did you start creating your products?

It was around 6 years ago, after I came to Denmark. Moving from a hectic and often too busy schedule in a crowded, time consuming capital city like Bucharest, to a clam and quiet little village near Aarhus gave me the opportunity to rediscover myself and find what makes me happy.

Even with school and a part time job, I still found the time to experiment with different hobbies. It wasn’t crocheting at first, I started with jewelry making using polymer clay and a lot of different DIY projects. Then came learning how to knit and crochet and eventually deciding on designing and crocheting toys and accessories for babies. I would say it was and still is a process, shaped by everything that happens as time passes.

What was the project that you enjoyed the most?

I must say I usually enjoy all my projects, it would be impossible to do them otherwise because they require a lot of time and work. If I had to pick something, I would say everything I made for my daughter, because I was looking forward to seeing her reaction and how happy she would get.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for a painter/artist in the 21st Century?

I would say that mass-production and over-consumption are the biggest challenges, as a lot of people nowadays prioritize quantity over quality and do not think beyond the product they are buying, to see how sustainable it is and how to eventually make a more conscious and ethical purchase. It is unfortunately a mistake we all make, sometimes without even realizing it.

Why did you decide to join Aarhus Makers?

Because I find it to be an interesting project that focuses on promoting creativity and supporting the local community. It creates a common voice of the small local businesses of artists and crafters, providing and environment where people can be motivated and inspired by one another.

What piece of advice would you give to anybody that wants to become an artist?

I would say “set you creativity free”. Even if you didn’t discover your talent yet, do not stop exploring. I see creativity as a therapy, it allows you to rediscover yourself and it opens your mind for new positive thoughts and ideas. The ultimate goal shouldn’t be a material one, but your own happiness and contentment.

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