Isadora 7 and I

 Photography by:  Jeremy Levin

Photography by: Jeremy Levin

I have a new love and life is good. I am happier than I have been in a while and there is warm contentment filter running through my spine. Her name is Isadora and she is covered in gold, I already bought her an unbreakable crystal case, should she fall down from my loving arms and dent the lovely apple tattooed on her back , that little cox pippin chip where all the magical  tart goodness is stored . I crossed the guy’s hands with more silver than my impulse had anticipated but the truth was that things between me and the Blokia had gone from bad to worse, never ending arguments on a Windows interface.

I take my time buying phones, I am stubborn, unreasonable and generally ill informed. I ask everyone’s opinion then promptly forget it, I promise to get a new phone and then I don’t understand which one I should get and I can go on with the boring will I won’t lullaby for years.

This time it felt different , I had gone to a music festival a while back and I really got into new music and for this I would have to say chapeau to Shura, yes that’s right THE recording artist . I followed her on twitter after loving her gig and her album and found that Ms Shura has many nuances to her aura, one of them being a very wholesome unpretentious love of music , always giving us keys to new musical boxes.

Suddenly I was 17 again and I liked it. I had gone from listening to the same tired menu with only a couple of newcomers a year to finding bands that I loved on sound cloud with two tracks a head working on a third…   life felt like an adventure again.

I have never been curious about technology which I now think it’s a crying shame. I knew way more than auld ones my age but I was never as fast or as good as the Millie tribe or the little snowflakes. Somehow I contained the monkey on my back just learning enough to do my job and get by.

Now life had changed, I needed music around me all day, I needed Spotify and lists, and I needed soft grip bricks to pave the way.

I rushed into the shop at the last minute, (yes I would love to be different but I’m a Gemini…) and it did not take very long for someone to persuade me, that my best option would be this Bundle ( of fun) and in my head the gigs mixed freely with the bytes. That is  when I first set eyes on Isadora , her seductive gold hue justifying every bead of extravagant sweat on my brow, oh my good Jesus, life would never be the same again .

Lady apple, teach me everything, I don’t give a monkey’s right now if my life is prescribed and distributed  simultaneously on different platforms of social media, much like a bad Andy Warhol copy of art imitating life.

 All the apps that I professed to hate and deemed unnecessary I am now downloading with gusto one after the other. I want to learn and be independent and want my phone to dance for me while piloting a shooting star.  I have just realised that the newer the technology, the easier it is to operate and the years kept falling off my back and my heart kept dancing.  I am proud to hold this girl in my hand, I know she gives me a little street cred (never to be overlooked) and she has brought me tremendous happiness. Every time I use my golden phone, new windows open ajar and life gets a little fresher a little cooler, a little more colourful with fragrant notes of possibility.

Persistency with technology has never been my forte, very much au contraire I have waited for others to help me, or fix things. It has frustrated me at times and the eye fluttering thing sure worked a lot better when I was 40, but all jokes aside for the first time in this life the sister is doing it for herself with a bit of You tube and a prayer. There are still so many things I don’t know how to do, but I will keep polishing my little gold nugget until she is my harmonious shadow as I spill and engrave my words with rhythm and colour, I will tweet them and sell  my daily installations by the gram I will share them like a boomerang and wait for the echo to remain, carrying them a little further.

I wish I could tell you that my Iphone and  just walked into the sunset but I am at present trying to set the song “touch” as my ringtone and I am back to the ball and chain, stuck in the inept cell. The old familiar culprits are playing on the vinyl again …” There are 100 you tube videos, which is the right one” I am stuck because my settings are different to those  in the demo slides” . Just this once and for the very last time , can some one give me a hand?                     

Janica Ribeiro.