Power to the People

A few days ago, Karl Reynolds published this article on the Crewators blog, about how modern day, savvy consumers have been driving the traditional, cliché-ridden salesmen out of their comfy chairs and into the annals of history. A very similar thing is happening in the recruitment industry.

Every job seeker in the world is familiar with the feeling of overwhelming worry about finding the next source of income. In the last 15 or so years though, a radical shift has started happening and a veritable war on talent has broken out. The shift from offline to online has created demand for a new generation of employees, tech savvy people who know about ‘digital’ (social media, photoshop, cache & cookies, etc.) and clever entrepreneurs, mainly from Silicon Valley but also from Europe, have jumped on the opportunity.

Two major players in this field are LinkedIn & Glassdoor. LinkedIn’s mission of connecting the world’s professionals has pushed over 475 million people worldwide to set up a profile on the site and this has created a paradigm shift. Suddenly companies are no longer limited to active candidates, they now also have access to passive candidates. In essence, companies no longer depend on the luck of finding a good fit in the pile of candidates who have applied for the role, or the excessively high fees recruitment agencies have been charging to open up their databases of qualified candidates. Anyone with a profile on LinkedIn has suddenly become a possible candidate and companies have readily adapted to this premise. Your LinkedIn profile has become your de facto CV and anyone with a profile knows that they have a very strong negotiation position when a recruiter reaches out to them.

And then there is Glassdoor. Not only can employees permanently showcase their skills for any employer to see, they now also have a platform where they can voice their opinion about the company where they currently work, or a company they have worked for in the past. Employers are becoming gradually aware that, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” as Jeff Bezos put it, and Glassdoor is that room where employees can talk, anonymously, about their employers, and as such, define the company’s employer brand.

So between Glassdoor & LinkedIn, employers are being pushed to invest more in the well-being of their employees, based on the effort that employees are putting in updating their LinkedIn profile and giving feedback about their company on Glassdoor. So, be part of the community, contribute and the the future will come your way.

Orm Van der Steen