Calling for Artists in Aarhus!

The Crewators keep moving forward in their quest tobuild new crews around different fields, after all, our mission is:

Self-Describe AND Self-Defined
to connect people in real life. Enabling them to share their knowledge with one another. Turning strangers into contacts and unused human resources into useful information and services.
— Crewators Vision

The Concept. Promoting art from the bottom up.

Today we are excited to introduce a new concept to you, a new way to foster creativity through art, from the bottom up. We are calling for artists located in Aarhus that want to partner with us as well as other resident artists to create an exclusive exhibition. Exciting huh? So what is this you ask? Let us explain.

We aim to be the link between aspiring artists, galleries, social media and cultural institutions, our goal is to encourage organic growth and awareness about the potential of both International and Danish artists living in the European Capital of Culture 2017. We all know Aarhus is becoming the epicentre of the new dawn of CULTURE, with capital letters, and we want everybody to get involved as after all, Art is universal and knows no borders!

How do we plan to do this?

We will be running an exclusive exhibition where the works of well recognised artists as well as amateur artists will share space. We want to create a horizontal perspective around the possibilities of art to influence cities and their citizens and how International art and Danish art influence one another. 

When would the event take place?

As we write this, we are negotiating with a few venues and galleries, we expect this event to take place at the beginning of January, to kick off Aarhus 2017 with a fresh perspective, the more diverse the artists that want to participate on this, the more chances we will have to make an impact in the art scene in Aarhus, more details about this soon!

How can you take part on this?

If you are interested in this concept and wish to participate here are the guidelines:

  1. You should be a resident in Aarhus, Denmark.
  2. You are an artist but your main source of income is not coming from art skills, whatever those are.
  3. You have created art while living in Aarhus, i.e.: A painting, a photograph or a song, in other words you should be able to label your art as Made in Aarhus. 
  4. You are passionate about meeting like minded people, exploring new art forms as well as networking with other artists.
  5. You have an existing body of work that is accessible and showcase clearly your art. i.e.: A website, portfolio, etc.
  6. You are happy to label the work for the exhibition as Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  7. You are happy to exhibit your work knowing that your name will only be revealed and associated to your work after the exhibition is finished. There is a strong reason for that, we will let you know why should you follow the application process and be accepted.
  8. You are happy to let the audience visiting the exhibition to bid on your art, being of course the highest bid able to take your art home.
  9. You will be able to deliver the art to the location of choice for the exhibition within the timeframes provided, to ensure the exhibition runs smoothly in every aspect.
  10. You will visit the exhibition purely as an observer, not as one of the artists, to assimilate feedback from the audience both, in the opening day, and as long as the exhibition continues.

What is in this for you?

During the exhibition we will be selling your art, or to be more precise, there would be an auction where individuals visiting the exhibition would be bidding to buy your art, at the conclusion of the event we will reveal the price the highest bidder paid for your art as well as we will make sure you both get in contact.

Additionally this is a fantastic opportunity to 'Crewate' new professional and personal connections with the art community in Aarhus. 

If you are excited about the guidelines and the project, please send your application by completing the form below. 

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