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Aarhus is a city filled with incredible art, craftsmanship, design and creativity. However, as an independent maker it can be hard to profile yourself due to a lack of time and money. The Makers of Aarhus are spread around the city - some working from home, others in creative hubs - such as Godsbanen, Institute for X or Sydhavnen. 

The primary goal for Aarhus Makers is to boost sales for all our members - creating a stronger, richer community. However, the platform is more than an collective webshop - we create value and grow sales through many other activities, including organizing Markets in incredible venues around Aarhus city for our members to showcase their work to the community in a physical marketplace.


Aarhus Makers Partnership Benefits

  1. Ability to sell via Aarhus Makers Webshop. This includes an individual landing and profile page.

  2. Webshop management. We perform all the product uploads, product updates and optimise for the right channels through data management tools. You create, we take care of the rest.

  3. Community Marketing, including storytelling, video marketing, social media, blogging and more.

  4. Free recurring product photography sessions.

  5. Professional development tools and workshops including: stall design, business advice, shipping best practices and more.

  6. Aarhus Makers Advisory Board. You have the opportunity to vote on the future of Aarhus Makers, represent your fellow partners, and be part of the Advisory Board formed by our partners.

  7. Grow with Aarhus Makers and get rewarded. At the end of each fiscal year 20% of the webshop profits are distributed back to our Partners.



  1. Access to the vibrant Aarhus Makers network of creatives and collaborations. i.e.: Godsbanen, Institut for X, Sydhavnen, BART and more!
  2. Priority and exclusive access to partake in Aarhus Makers offline events relevant to your craft such as: markets  with a minimum discount of 50% for participation. For example: A stall at one of the Aarhus Makers Markets may cost externally 1000 DKK, but you’ll only pay 500 DKK as a Partner.
  3. Access to our B2B sales program.
  4. Be featured in our Product Catalogue for galleries, art associations and exclusive companies.
  5. Co-Create products with us and the rest of our partners!


To become an Aarhus Makers Partner and have access to the above benefits and more, costs just 1250 DKK per year (incl. VAT) for our first 30 partners, after which the membership will be 1850 DKK per year (incl. VAT).


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We have a strategic partnership with Godsbanen where we collaborate closely and run events in collaboration with this established hub of creativity and production in Aarhus!



We are members of the Det Kooperative Fællesråd i Aarhus and create events in partnership with other coops.

WakeupData provide us with technology to maximize our e-commerce efforts through their powerful data feed management tools.


BART has become the place to go in Aarhus when it comes to enjoy art and the cultural life of the city. We hosted our 1st market there and since then we keep coming back.