What is arhus mAKERS?


Aarhus Makers is a company driven by cooperative values, representing a curated selection of local artists, craftsmen and creative entrepreneurs - our makers. We promote and sell unique and original design, art and handmade goods, all from the city of Aarhus. We believe in standing stronger by standing united.

Aarhus Makers is a collective webshop and offline community for Artists, Craftsmen, Designers and Creatives based in Aarhus Kommune - we promote and increase sales of original art, artisan products and creative services.


Our goal is to create a sustainable organisation where local Makers can increase their individual visibility and sales, through joint effort, skill-sharing by collaborating and working together.

As an independent maker, showcasing yourself on a joint platform, makes it easier for customers to discover you - in short, it is a way to be seen and to sell your unique products.

In addition, you become a part of a community of makers that support each other by sharing resources, skills and experience.

HOw are we organized?

We are a small start-up and a private company. This allows us to work in a lean and agile way, while funding the company through investments, foundations, sponsorships and commercial revenue lines.

We are inspired by the the 7 cooperative values - we believe in an active member-community, and that by sharing a part of the company's profits with our members, we can create a sense of ownership, communal responsibility and mutual trust.

how Can i become a maker?

We have created an application form where you can see what benefits we offer to our partners.

After filling up your information you will be contacted by a member of Aarhus Makers so we can get to know you and your products. You can find the form here or click on Become A Maker.